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Looking to have parts machined in Malaysia? is a web directory of companies in the machining and related supporting industry in Malaysia.

This B2B directory links the tooling and machine shops in Malaysia with potential customers.
It is a useful tool for buyers world-wide to connect to a wide range of shops with precision machining capabilities in Malaysia.

YourToolShop promotes this directory by introducing it at trade shows and through trade bodies and via
the internet search engines. readily shows up in searches: for example, Google edm turning milling and is returned on the First Page.

In the main page of, companies are listed by the category of processes they specialize in. Companies that
overlap categories, for example, a company that has both CNC milling and Metal Working facilities are listed in Both the CNC and
Metal Work categories.

In most cases, a scan of the main page will suffice to introduce a company; contact is then achieved with a click on
the email address or a telephone call.

For further details on the company, click on the company name for the company profile.

Clicking on the link will take you to a listing of companies by their name in alphabetical order.
This index is useful for returning visitors who already know the name of the company they are looking for.
Again, click on the company name to view their profile.
TiP - use this page to quickly look up the company's email/phone/fax number.

YourToolShop is a directory to directly link buyer to seller. Do write to the companies listed for your inquiries.

If however, I can be of any assistance, please email me at

I spent most of the last 30 years working in the Semiconductor industry and machining, mostly in Penang, Malaysia.
For 2.5 years (in the early 90's), I was the ERP Project Implementation Manager for Dynacraft Inc. at Santa Clara, USA.

Other than as Project Manager, my other major job titles were: Materials Manager, QA Manager, Manufacturing Manager,
Operations Manager, General Manager and Sr. Business Development Manager.

If you need me to link you up with the local agencies in Malaysia, both non and governmental, to facilitate the transfer
of your projects to Malaysia, I shall be glad to hear from you.



H.A. Chan
Tel +6012 430 6526



Malaysia is north of Singapore and south of Thailand.

It is 12 hours ahead of New York. It is tropical, has many famed island resorts (Penang, Tioman, Langkawi),
and is home to numerous Multi National Companies, some of which have their biggest plants here
(example - Dell, Agilent, Intel).

MNCs, particularly semiconductor companies from America, Europe and Japan, first started operations in
Malaysia in the early 1960's. With that lead, supporting industries in Tooling, CNC Precision Engineering,
Casting, Metalwork, Stamping, Plating, Heat Treatment, Automation, and Contract Manufacturing were set-up.

Some of the local tooling / machining companies are public listed and are MNCs themselves, with plants in
different parts of the world.

Many are small to medium sized with ambitions and plans to grow.


Useful Links

MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation)
MIDA       (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority)        
SMIDEC    (Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation)
PSDC       (Penang Skills Development Center)                    

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